Lamplighters Music Theatre is pleased to present…



Gilbert and Sullivan’s first two-act operetta

All performances at Presidio Theatre Performing Arts Center, San Francisco

May 16 (7:30 pm) I May 17 (2 pm) I May 18 (2 pm)*
*Simulcast on May 18

The year is 1920, and around the world the fascination with the occult is booming! Fortunately, England has long had one of the most reputable firms specializing in the magical art—J. W. Wells & Co. And to the sleepy town of Ploverleigh comes the great Sorcerer himself, John Wellington Wells, purveyor of potions and spells. The thrilling brew he offers is designed to set hearts ablaze among the classes, removing barriers of rank and more for the wedding guests of Alexis and Aline. But can true love be bottled? Magical enchantment comes at a cost in Gilbert and Sullivan’s early masterpiece.