Lamplighters Music Theatre is pleased to present…



Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts

August 3 (2 pm) I August 4 (2 pm)

Lesher Center for the Arts, Hofmann Theater, Walnut Creek

August 10 (2 pm) I August 11 (2 pm)*
* Simulcast on August 11

Blue Shield Theatre, YBCA, San Francisco

August 17 (2 pm) I August 18 (2 pm)

Lamplighters remounts one of the most popular G&S operettas of all time—THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE. Directed by Bay Area favorite Michael Mohammed, this comic jewel is packed full of sentimental pirates, hopeless policemen, and over-thetop adventures.

Frederic, a pirate’s apprentice, looks forward to celebrating his 21st birthday with the end of his indenture to the Pirate King. Freed from his duty to his former comrades, and aided by the beautiful and plucky Mabel Stanley, her (very model of a) Major General father, and her many sisters, Frederic now feels called to avenge the infamous deeds of his former masters. But Frederic was born on February 29th, and he learns that his indenture lasts until his 21st birthday, not his 21st year. He still owes his life and his duty to his pirate brethren for another 63 years! Can Frederic fulfill his duty and still find love and happiness with Mabel?


Edith: Addy Geenan
Frederic: Max Ary
Isabel: Elisabeth Fortescue-Hall
Kate: Camryn Finn
Mabel: Syona Ayyankeril
Major General Stanley: Joshua Hughes
Pirate King: Eduardo Gonzalez-Maldonado
Ruth: Sarah Szeibel
Samuel: Max Kligman
Sergeant: Chris Pilcher



Aaliyah Capili
Brianna Stutzman
Madison Jewell
Susanna Gilbert


Christy Xu
Megan Robertson
Daria Amit


Audrey Carstensen
Derek Cousineau
Corwin James-Wilson
Carly Ozard


Darren Fletcher
Daniel Griffin
Tony DeLousia
Russ Kladko

Production Team
Director: Michael Mohammed
Assistant Director: M. Jane Erwin
Music Director: Brett Strader
Production Manager: Nicolas Aliaga
Stage Manager: Chase Kupperberg
Costume Designer and Co-Costumer: Miriam Lewis
Costume Co-Costumer: Judy Jackson
Lighting Designerv: Brittany Mellerson
Props Manager: Dan Yelen
Makeup: Susan Stone
Wigs & Hair: Arie Singer
Supertitles Manager: Joe Giammarco
Supertitles Manager: Nancy Benson
Technical Director: John Draginoff