The Lamplighters Orchestra wants to say thank you, thank you for the music stand lights. Makes such a difference to be able to see all the tiny notes. We are the slaves of duty… and now we can see too!! We thank the following for making this possible:

Willa & Henry Anderson
William & Kathleen Brodhead
Jim & Judy Bangsund
Sandra Church
Geoff Dottery & Cliff Willwerth
James Ensign & Wanda Jones
F. Lawrence Ewing
Joseph Giammarco & Claire Kelm
Jon Keller & Susan Jorgenson
Martin Lewis & Steve Siegelman
Fred & Judith Lothrop
Charles Manning & Rena Kirkpatrick
Jananne & Mike Mead
Ed Moore & Catherine Burke
Rik Myslewski & Marilyn Bancel
Baker Peeples & Ellen Kerrigan
Samuel Rabinowitz
Jane Regan
Kirstine Schaeffer & John Skalicky
Hayley Scott
John Emery Smyth
Jennifer Vlahos Kessler & Gabriel Kessler
Martha Vlahos
Ilana Walder-Biesanz