On July 31st 2020, former Development Director Mike Zimmerman lost his battle with cancer. Mike was our Development Director from 2008 to 2012. After leaving Lamplighters, he joined the Homeless Action Center as their Development Coordinator. For the last three years, Mike was our primary grant writer. Back in May, he advised us that he was stepping back in order to undergo treatment for a recurrence of cancer. We found out earlier this month that Mike didn’t make it. He was thorough, determined, dedicated, occasionally crotchety, loyal, and a wonderful advocate for the arts and for the homeless. We will miss him a lot.

We all mourn this lovely man. – Cheryl Blalock, Executive Director

Mike was always very positive and good-hearted, with a great sense of humor and sweet disposition. I’ll miss him! – Baker Peeples, Resident Music Director

This is terrible news. I am devastated. He will be very much missed. – Kathryn Fox Ma, Trustee

Oh, no, what a loss. Mike was also so interested in every aspect of what we did, not just Development, and he had a broad range of theatrical interests outside of our immediate realm. I always appreciated the insights he brought to every conversation, whether it had to do with development, interpretation and execution of artistic content, or anything else, really! bI, too, will miss his disposition, his humor, his insights and his quiet, ongoing support. – Phil Lowery, Production Coordinator

Oh no, I’m so very sad to hear this, I had no idea! Mike was very sweet and did so much for the Lamplighters. I think he was the best development director we had while I was there. – Joanne Kay, Operations Manager 2007-2018

I loved working with Mike when I was Company Rep, and also working on the Core Values Education projects. He was a very thoughtful and exceedingly humorous person. Just my kind of guy. I am very saddened to hear that he lost his battle. – Jonathan Spencer, Properties Supervisor

A lovely and gentle soul who did good in the world. – Anson B. Moran, Trustee

What absolutely awful news. Mike taught me everything I know about Development, and we had many lively debates about where and when to include a comma in a fundraising letter! He has been a good friend personally and to the Lamplighters for many years. I did not know he was ill. This is sad indeed. – Sarah Vardigans, Managing Director 2006-2017

Very sad news. He was always a font of very good guidance for the company. A pleasure to be around, he will be greatly missed. – Jim MacIlvaine, Board President