Lamplighters Music Theatre is pleased to present our 2019-2020 performance of…

Princess Ida


Gilbert and Sullivan
Originally written as a satire on feminism, women’s education, and Darwinian evolution, Lamplighters’ own version modifies this slightly to reflect modern views. In this year with so many women running for president, it will be fun to see what Gilbert and Sullivan and Lamplighters will create together on these oh, so timely topics!

Blue Shield of California Theater at YBCA
San Francisco
February 1 (2 pm & 8 pm), 2 (2 pm), 2020

Lesher Center for the Arts Walnut Creek February 8 (2 pm & 8 pm), 9 (2 pm), 2020

Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts
Mountain View
February 22 (2 pm & 8 pm), 23 (2 pm), 2020

News about PRINCESS IDA!

Announcing the Cast of Princess Ida!

If you give me your attention, I will tell you the cast of the Lamplighters’ 2019 production of Princess Ida!

Princess Ida – Jennifer Ashworth
Prince Hilarion – Robert Vann
Cyril – Jonathan Potter
Florian – Ron Houk
Lady Blanche – Elana Cowen
Lady Psyche – Rose Frazier
Melissa – Camilla Leonard
King Hildebrand – William Neely
King Gama – Charles Martin
Arac – Robby Stafford
Guron – Pete Shoemaker
Scynthius – Sam Rabinowitz
Sacharissa – Angela Jarosz
Chloe – Kristen Tansey
Ada – Amanda Renee Baines

Chorus of Courtiers, Soldiers, and Students:
Magnus Asbo
Jeff Beaudoin
Richard Brandi
Natalie Buck-Bauer
Audrey Carstensen
Nikhil Chelliah
Christy Conway
Nicholas Dahlman
Stephanie Fields
Chris Focht
Andrew Green
Rich Gross
Haley Hoffdahl-Heinen
Jason Jia
Chase Kupperberg
Camille Lake
Murali Meyer
Rebecca Nasanow Johnson
Eric Ratner
Alan Roberts
Sabrina Romero-Wilson
Caitlyn Swan
Sarah Szeibel
Kristen Tansey
Luana Zapata

Our Production Staff

Stage Director: Barbara Heroux

Conductor/Music Director: Baker Peeples

Assistant Director/Fight Captain: Nicholas Dahlman

Production Manager: Nicolas Aliaga Garcia

Stage Manager: Elisabeth Reeves

Assistant Stage Manager: Jennifer Kiernan

Original Production Design: John Gilkerson

Costumer: Miriam Lewis

Lighting Designer: Brittany Mellerson

Hair/Wig Designer: Kerry Rider-Kuhn

Make-Up: David Kirby

Props Designer: Frances Silcox

Fight Choreographer: Durand Garcia