We are extremely excited to announce our 2020-21 season.  Season renewal letters will be sent in April and brochures will be mailed in May.  We DO believe we will be able to perform by July 31st and have lots of plans to make this happen.   Here is the line-up of shows!

July 31-August 16, IOLANTHE, a subversive tale of how government SHOULD run!
Walnut Creek, Mountain View, and San Francisco
Directed by Nicolas Aliaga Garcia; Conducted by David Drummond

October 11th, Champagne Gala
San Francisco
Music Director is Robby Stafford

February 12-28, THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD, a who-dunnit musical where the audience chooses the murderer!
Walnut Creek, San Francisco, Mountain View
Directed by Jane Erwin; Conducted by Brett Strader

May 8-16, UTOPIA, LTD., a spoof on “progress” and corporations that seems so timely!  
San Francisco, Walnut Creek
Directed by Philip Lowery; Conducted by Baker Peeples