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List and learn
Good morrow, pretty maids

Buon’ giorno, Signorine!
We’re called gondolieri
And now to choose our brides!
Thank you, gallant gondolieri!
From the sunny Spanish shore
In enterprise of martial kind
O rapture, when alone together

There was a time
I stole the Prince
But, bless my heart / Try we life-long
Bridegroom and bride
Kind sir, you cannot have the heart
Then one of us will be a Queen

Now pray, what is the cause of this remarkable hilarity / For everyone who feels inclined
Come let’s away / Now, Marco dear
Then away we go to an island fair


Of happiness the very pith
Rising early in the morning
Take a pair of sparkling eyes

Here we are, at the risk of our lives
Dance a cachucha
There lived a King
In a contemplative fashion
With ducal pomp
On the day when I was wedded
To help unhappy commoners

I am a courtier
Here is a case unprecedented (Act II Finale)
Now let the loyal lieges gather round
Once more gondolieri