Lamplighters Music Theatre is pleased to present…

Champagne Gala 2023


by Lamplighters Music Theatre

October 8, 3pm

2PM Silent Auction
3PM Performance (including real-time simulcast)

Tickets Now on Sale!

Our 59th gala production, featuring another topsy turvy original musical satire!

This year the Lamplighters Champagne Gala creators are contemplating a new musical mash up of themes from the beloved series “All Creatures Great and Small” plus “Ted Lasso”. Come join the fun! Our largest fundraiser of the year includes a complete, original comedy set to Sullivan’s music, silent auction, and Fund-a-Need, allowing our patrons to enjoy and simultaneously support our company!


Herbst Theatre
War Memorial & Performing Arts Center

401 Van Ness Blvd
San Francisco. 94102
(415) 392-4400

Tickets:, or (415) 392-4400

Ted Lassie: Jonathan Spencer
Siegfrieda Farnon: Carly Ozard
Rupert Despard: Charles Martin
The Hon. Roy Kentish: William Neely
Mrs. Vestibule: Rose Waldman
Jud Minion: John Brown
Helen Bromwell Orwell Maxwell: Kristen Jones
Alfred (Alf) Wight, Publican: Chris Shuford
“Bob” the Parrot: Kelly Powers
Mrs. Ingledew / BBC VO: Shelley Lynn Johnson
Animal Quartet and Ensemble:
Animal Quartet: Angela Jarosz
Animal Quartet: Kathi Brotemarkle
Animal Quartet: Eric Mellum
Animal Quartet (cow): Lawrence Venza
Chorus/Ensemble: Amanda Baines
Chorus/Ensemble: Kat Feller
Chorus/Ensemble, Lead Sheep: Arie Singer
Chorus/Ensemble: Kristen Tansey
Chorus/Ensemble: Caitlyn Swan
Chorus/Ensemble: Audrey Carstensen
Chorus/Ensemble: Camille Lake
Chorus/Ensemble: Liz Pasha
Chorus/Ensemble: Kathy Rosner-Galitz
Chorus/Ensemble, Farmer Hugo: Ronan Beltracchi
Chorus/Ensemble: Chris Focht
Chorus/Ensemble, Farmer Hoggett: Andrew Green
Chorus/Ensemble, Farmer: Jeff Beaudoin
Chorus/Ensemble, Farmer: Nicholas Dahlman
Chorus/Ensemble, Farmer John: Don Hardwick
Chorus/Ensemble, Farmer: Rik Myslewski
Production Staff
Director: Barbara Heroux
Music Co-Director: Brett Strader
Music Co-Director: Robby Stafford
Stage Manager: Alijah Carter
Lighting Designer: Mitchell Ost
Production Manager: Phil Lowery
Projections Designer: Lawrence Dillon
Props Manager: Frances Silcox
Props Construction (special): Elisabeth Reeves