The mission of Lamplighters Music Theatre is to be the premier producer of the works of Gilbert & Sullivan and other works of comparable wit, literacy, and musical merit.  We seek to present relevant and culturally diverse productions that delight and enrich audiences, performers, and community members.


We strive for excellence in all elements of the production process. 

Diversity and Cultural Relevance 

We keep our art engaging and relevant to current times, and demonstrate cultural relevance and diversity through thoughtful treatments of classics and new works.


We are committed to active engagement with our patrons, donors, performers and community.

Financial Integrity

We make responsible use of our funds to support our mission with transparency and integrity.  

Growth and Support 

We are passionate about our craft, and maintain a stimulating atmosphere of growth and support for our performers, production teams, and administrative staff. 


Lamplighters Music Theatre
469 Bryant Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
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Email: info@lamplighters.org

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