65th Anniversary Gratitude Campaign

The Board of Trustees invites you all to think about what you are most grateful for regarding your experience with Lamplighters, and to consider joining us - and many company members who have already pledged or given - in letting our GRATITUDE inform our participation in this important campaign. It is an opportunity for all of us to give back ……to consider the meaningful role that Lamplighters has played in our lives and to help ensure that future generations of performers, orchestra members, directors, choreographers, trustees, technicians, staff, students, and audiences have the opportunity to enrich their lives through this “innocent merriment” for many years to come. All gifts are deeply appreciated, and are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

We are indebted to the following Company Members for their contributions to the Gratitude Campaign:

Willa & Henry Anderson
Jennifer Ashworth
Sherbonne Barnes-Anderson
Jeff Beaudoin
Nancy Benson
Adam Arthur Bier
Cheryl Blalock
Kathi & David Brotemarkle
Jim Campbell
Henry Carrey
Jan Crago
Diane D'Angelo
Katy Daniel Arnold
Keith Doerge
F. Lawrence Ewing
Katherine Feller
Elliot Franks
Gini & Philipp Frings
Mark & Debra Fuller
Michele Garside
Emily Gladstone Cole and David Cole
Ross Halper
Mary Hargrove
Donald Hurd
Giovanna Hutchison
Cabiria Jacobsen
Shelley Johnson
Joanne Kay
Claire Kelm & Joe Giammarco
Jon Kirchanski
Camille & Tim Lake
Martin Lewis
Siri Louie & Walt Burge
Phil Lowery & Kelcey Poe
Jim MacIlvaine
Ann Pool Mac Nab & Adrian Mac Nab
Anson & Anita Moran
Jeff Noll
Laura & Steve Oliphant
Baker Peeples & Ellen Kerrigan
Elisabeth Reeves
Pauline Rodriguez
Cary Ann Rosko & Matthew Hancher
Kathy Rosner-Galitz & Alan Galitz
Pete & Gail Shoemaker
Arie Singer & Lucas Buxman
John Smyth
Jonathan Spencer & Victoria Jensen
Robby Stafford
Gregory Sykes
Jill Thompson
John Tichenor
Chris Uzelac
Sarah Vardigans
Martha Vlahos
Autumn Wagner
Tom Wagner
David & Rene Whitehead
Rick Williams & Judith Epstein
Michael Wirgler
Paul Zawilski
Mike Zimmerman