Trial By Jury


We are excited to be recording the second to last CD in the Gilbert & Sullivan canon, and for the first time, we are also recording one of our Galas! Sponsorship of a full track is $500, and $250 for a half-track. The tracks below without a strikethrough are what we have available for sponsorships.


Hark, the hour of ten is sounding
Now, Jurymen, hear my advice
Is this the Court of the Exchequer?
When first my old, old love I knew
All hail, great Judge!
When I, good friends, was called to the bar
Swear thou the jury!
Where is the plaintiff?
Comes the broken flower
Oh, never, never, never
May it please you, my lud! / With a sense of deep emotion
That she is reeling is plain to see
Oh, gentlemen, listen, I pray
That seems a reasonable proposition
A nice dilemma
I love him
The question, gentlemen, is one of liquor
Oh, joy unbounded


Trial by Jury Duty is a Lamplighters original, in which we create a purposely ridiculous second act for Trial by Jury. We take you to Montgomery Hall, the country estate of the Learned Judge. He and Angelina have been married for a month. Edwin returns, and we learn some new things about his relationship with Angelina. The Judge of course has Three Little Wards, and has hired a new governess for them, Jane Eyrehead. You’ll also meet several more new characters, among them Mrs. Danville, the housekeeper; the Rev. Clarence Poltwhistle, the Judge’s cousin; and the mysterious Victoria, the madwoman hiding in the East Wing.

In the Lamplighters Gala tradition, we’ve written new words to 14 G&S songs. For the first time ever, we are recording our original Gala parody lyrics.

Beautiful house, Montgomery Hall (Fair is Rose – Ruddygore)
Oh, why am I moody and sad (Oh, why am I moody and sad – Ruddygore)
Three little wards (Three little maids – The Mikado)
When I’m afraid (Were I thy bride – The Yeomen of the Guard)
I am an ‘ostler (I am a maiden – Princess Ida)
You’ll find your boss distracted (To help unhappy commoners – The Gondoliers)
Welcome, gentry (Ruddygore)
Oh, brother/sister! When alone together (Oh, rapture! When alone together – The Gondoliers)
My lawyer has got to be paid (A man who would woo a fair maid – The Yeomen of the Guard)
He called me an elderly, ugly daughter (I once was a very abandoned person – Ruddygore)
It’s our lucky day (From the briny sea – Ruddygore)
Hornpipe (Ruddygore)
I stole the twins (I stole the prince – The Gondoliers)
I had a little girl of my own (I stole the prince – The Gondoliers)
Happy are we, as you can see (Soon as we may, up and away – Iolanthe)
Oh, joy unbounded (reprise) (Trial by Jury)

Announcing the Cast of TRIAL BY JURY & TRIAL BY JURY DUTY!

Silence in Court, and all attention lend! Lamplighters Music Theatre is proud to announce the final cast list for our upcoming production of Trial By Jury & Trial By Jury Duty:

The Learned Judge: F. Lawrence Ewing
Edwin, the Defendant: Patrick Hagen
Counsel for the Plaintiff: Chris Uzelac
Counsel for the Defendant: Ariel Andrew
Usher: Charles Martin
Foreman of the Jury/Mrs. Danville: Michael Grammer
Angelina, the Plaintiff: Jennifer Ashworth
Bridesmaids: Amanda Baines, Leslie Katter, Julia Ludwig, Allison Spencer
Jane Eyrehead: Jennifer Mitchell
Court Clerk: Bruce Hoard
Ruth Rowbottom: Katherine Feller
Gwyneth: Kristen Tansey
Emma: Maria Caycedo
Kate: Abby Green
Seth: Douglas Mandell
Reuben: Steve Kahn
Reuben: Pete Shoemaker
The Rev. Clarence Poltwhistle: William Neely
Victoria: Sonia Gariaeff
Russian Dancers: Alex Nite, Cole Sisser

Chorus (Gentlemen of the Jury and Spectators at the Trial; Servants and Tourists at Montgomery Hall): Amanda Baines, Jeff Beaudoin, Tim Bessie, Audrey Carstensen, Maria Caycedo, Cathy Cutler, Lawrence Dillon, Jeffrey Erickson, Kat Feller, Andrew Green, Abby Green, Steve Kahn, Leslie Katter, Colin Ketchum, Veronique Kherian, Camille Lake, Julia Ludwig, Jim MacIlvaine, Douglas Mandell, Nate Pergamit, Grace Popple, Richard Pryor, Pete Shoemaker, Allison Spencer, Kristen Tansey